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A NextJS Quotes application with a professional setup and a lot of testing


What is Dev Quotes? It’s a small project with a professional setup used to revisit NextJS and to try out some tools I had not tried before including CSS Modules and react-query. Everything is written in strict TypeScript, even the tests. It connects to a public API for the quotes. You can find the API here:

The project can be viewed live here: (identical to main branch)

Dev Quotes homepage displaying a quote


The reason I made this project wasn’t to build something spectacular. I wanted a small application which I could use to improve my test writing, and I wanted to see if TypeScript would be beneficial in tests or if it would get in the way. As it turns out I actually really enjoyed having TypeScript in my tests too.


Some of the technologies used to make this project:

  • NextJS
  • TypeScript
  • React Query
  • React Testing Library
  • Jest
  • React
  • CSS Modules

Other work

    • Gatsby
    • React
    • Styled Components
    • TypeScript

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    • Responsive
    • CSS
    • HTML

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    Responsive image made with just HTML and CSS.

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