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Blog Recorder

Posted on:June 19, 2024 at 06:00 PM
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Blog Recorder audio recorder interface

What is Blog Recorder?

Blog Recorder saves you tons of time going from an idea to the first draft. You completely skip the blank page and immediately get something substantial.

How does it do that?

Blog Recorder let’s you talk about a topic by recording audio, and it turns disorganised thoughts into an organised blog post draft structured with headings, lists, and other formatting. You can then edit and export your blog post to publish it on your favorite blog host.

It’s not a tool that replaces writers. It’s an AI assistant that empowers bloggers to create content, better, faster, and cheaper while still having a human touch and being based on human creativity.

And that is just the beginning. Blog Recorder will get AI editing features in the future, self-improving AI that learns from your editing to create better first drafts, SEO checks, AI reviewer/suggestions, and so much more.

Blog Recorder content editor